Practice Information
Methods and Techniques Used in Counseling

My methods are based on contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy in which the therapist takes an active role in the therapy relationship while drawing on the depth and breadth of psychoanalytic theory. 

Course of Treatment:

Therapy begins with an assessment of needs, with an emphasis on understanding what the client is currently experiencing and why therapy is sought at this time. A fuller understanding of the client is then developed, including past issues, as required, relationships with family and friends, patterns of behavior, and unconscious conflicts.  The client influences the course and pace of therapy, while the therapist ensures of quality of the experience. Therapy ends at your request or when your goals are met.

Practical Considerations

Therapy sessions are fifty minutes long and the session fee is $130.  I accept most types of insurance and will bill your insurance company directly. Afternoon and evening appointments are available.

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Robert Strazicich, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist